Monday, 25 September 2017

Wearable Arts 2017 - Blooming Blossoms

 This year for Wearable Arts Yana, Mackenzie and me are in a group called Blooming Blossoms. The festival we chose was the Cherry Blossom Festival because we though it would be a fun and cool to do. The Cherry Blossom Festival is usually held on the 20th March - 15th April in Japan. We made the flowers on the dress are made out of tissue paper and card. The tissue paper flowers are the light purple and the red and we just pinched the middle of them and twisted them to the flower shape. For the card we followed some instructions to make them and shape them. The thing that did not work well for our group was teamwork because people were never here to help create it.

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  1. Holly you looked so beautiful in your Wearable Arts costume! Your group worked really well together and I really love the way that you created your flowers out of tissue paper. Your headband certainly inspired me! Keep up the great work, I hope you enjoyed the Wearable Arts process! Miss H


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