Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Designing A Mars lander

Design Process

In the video they were talking about how NASA is trying to make engineering fun, more enjoyable and getting kids into it at a young age.
The stages of the engineering design process are ask, imagine, plan, create, test and improve. Ask is where you ask others for input, suggestions to make it better and as for what you have done wrong over what you need to add in. Imagine is when you have to think outside the box and go bigger and bolder, add color and cool designs so that is better than your last design. Plan is were you plan out what you have made, what you have to improve on and what you have to add on. Create is where you start to create your design from paper, a computer or lego into a real life object, where you start to see things that you need to fix and improve on and things that you have done well that your not gonna change. Test is where you test your project to see if it has worked, see if it works without anything breaking off, without anything making a weird noise or anything going wrong from your design. Improve is where you have finished your experiment and see what you have and need to improve on and take in others feedback on your project. Here is the link for youtube video

About Mars

  • Mars is the coldest desert world, it is half the side of earth and it is sometimes called the red planet because it is red
  • Mars has seasons just like earth. They have volcanoes, canyons and weather too
  • Scientist want to know if there is any living things on Mars and if anything can or in the future
  • The reason Mars in red is because of the rusty iron on the ground
  • It is cold, hot and icy on mars

How we are using the Sphero

The app we used is called Sphero Edu, it is a highly technical app that uses numbers, letters, brackets and lots of other sorts of things to do coding with. We had to watch 5 - 6 videos about how to make a program and how to program our code and make it move in a square shape. It uses loops which are types of coding that repeat things and in this coding you have to repeat it 4 times. You have to write the coding from the video to the Ipad and then connect it to the sphero and make the square using the code. I think that this is a good way to practice using codes and writing them down before we make and finish our own mars lander I am going to move some of this code to make my mars lander move.

We have used javascript to help us design our sphero and help move it around and test it out. Javascript has helped my group be able to know that we have to make the wheel move and make them flexible to move in a square, it has also helped us know how big we have to make the border when the sphero fits in and how big it has to be. We had to try and find out how we had to build our chassey around the sphero and try to make it strong, able to move every way and turn and that it is stable.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

9 Art

This was one of the first things we did it art class and we had to draw a sphere, cylinder, pyramid and a cube. We had to shade them in and try to make them look like they were 3 - D and have shadows.

For this painting we could choose something to do of our choose and colour it in with watercolour paint. I made a keyhole and put a forest theme in the middle and tried to do the night sky

For this drawing we had to make fish hook necklaces and shade them in

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Turtle In A Space Trinket

We have been working on coding and how to write them and lay it out, putting in all the correct coding in to make it work and move around. We had to rewrite the code into a new page and change the background, the shape, color and we can change the speed if we want to to make it go faster or slower.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Football Challenge For Python

For this game we had to try and finish off the coordination for the soccer field and plot where we wanted the players to go. The reason we have being doing this is so that we can get better coding and programming things. In this we had to type drawPlayer and type in what color we wanted the player to be and where we wanted them to stand on the field, this was a bit tricky because we had to always test it to make sure the coordination were in the right place and you just had to try lots of different ways but then you get the hang of it. The players we had to include are 1 goal keeper, 2-4 fullbacks, 2-4 midfields, 2-3 forwards and I put in centre backs.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Scarlet And Ivy The Dance In The Dark

Image result for scarlet and ivy the dance in the dark

My book is about twins who are trying to live there best life and get through school without getting hurt or in trouble, there mother abandoned them when they were only little so they were left with there stepfather. After a few years he sent them both to boarding school but from there on there life has been miserable, Ivy had been getting bullied because she is sneaking around behind Scarlet's back, lots of people in the school have been getting mean and nasty notes, teachers have been getting kidnapped and taken away to secret places around the school. Soon they try to find out what happened to Miss Finch, there ballet teacher and who has taken her away, in the end they have found out that Miss Finch's mother had kidnapped her to keep her "safe" from what she is going to do to the school and make them pay for what they did to her. My book has taught me to keep my head held high, keep on going through the ups and downs and always be grateful for what you get to do.

Friday, 8 June 2018


The topic I have chosen is coordinates, this is my piece of work I have done on it. 

If you are trying to place the coordinate the first number goes across on the bottom of the grid and the second number goes up the grid. If you are trying to find the coordinate and it is already on the grid, you go from the 'x' and then go down and across, then you write down the two numbers and you have your coordinate